Spring Cleaning


Spring is here and summer is just around the corner!!!

The weather is getting nice, inviting you outdoors!!

But something or someone reminds you it is also the season for “spring cleaning”!!

Whoever thought of “spring cleaning” was not the brightest flower in the bouquet.

Why not do a “winter clear out” or “fall freshen up”, when the weather is cold and you DONT want to be outside?

But no.

Here we are dealing with the expectation that it is spring, therefore, we must be cleaning.


Well, in order to help you along your way, and get you out doors as quickly as possible I’ve compiled a quick list of Spring Cleaning tips.

1.) Make a list: Don’t worry about the order, you can rewrite and order later. Just write down everything you want to be cleaned, fixed, and organized.

2.) Pick a starting point: 1 room or task, finish completely so you can check it off your list. There is something great about checking off an item from your list. It gives you a real sense of accomplishment (or at least it does me:).

3.) If you don’t use it rehome it: If you forgot you ever owned it, odds are you don’t need it anymore. Find a local charity to donate items to, or do a yard sale! Clear out the clutter and simplify your space!

4.) Clean your carpets: With or without pets, carpets suffer wear and tear, odors and stains. You can choose to rent a carpet shampooer or pay a company to come it and clean them for you. Give your floors a new lease on life, clean your carpets!

5.) Freshen up your garden beds: Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be all inside chores! Go outside!! Clear out your garden beds. Plant some bright new flowers. Throw down some grass seed. Clean out your gutters!
Enjoy the sunshine and ever warming weather!

Your Agent with Coldwell Banker LaVigne,

Debbie Chase

Photo Credit: Matthew Chase

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